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I know it wasn't God because I am an atheist and I know there are no gods.  However, for the fools that do believe in God, I am telling them that God should be punished for not interfering when He is all-powerful and could have prevented the other humans from committing such a horrendous crime.  Do you know that if you stand by while a mother beats her infant almost to death that you may be arrested for not attempting to stop her.  These fools that believe in God are very selective about what they want to believe about God in order to justify their belief in God.  Also, by suggesting that He be boot-fuÁked, I am displaying that I do not fear any reprisal from God and that I must be just saying it in jest because it is obvious from my Web page that I don't believe in gods.  You too will experience NOT fearing God when you realize that God is just a man-made concept.

Darwin Bedford

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  If you don`t believe in God then how can you tell people to "Boot fuÁk him. . . for letting almost 3000 people die on 9/11".  To me this sounds like a person who was related to someone who died in the attacks and is trying to take out his anger on any one.  If you really didn`t believe in God then how can you believe that it was him that let those people die.  If you believe this then you should also believe that God allowed these people to be born and have a chance to live a life before a terrorist took that liberty away from them.  God didn`t kill those people anymore then he killed all the aborted babies.  Other "human beings" killed those people.  Terrorists killed them.  Not God.  To me you just seem like a bunch or children trying to blame someone for something that hurt you.  You simply choose to blame God because "he could have stoped it from happening".  You seem to be blaming God because you can`t do anything to stop the terrorism and you think that God can and that he didn`t.  Please write back to me and try to explain your beliefs.  But realise only this, believing in nothing is actually believing something.  The someone that choose to believe in was God.  Isn`t that a better thing to believe in than the obsolete?