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My dear Rachelle,

Every religion teaches that telling the truth is very important and I too believe this to be true.  False information can be very damaging to an individual and to society.  I believe that it is very harmful to have people believe that a god is in control of things and that they will live another life after this one ends.  We need to differentiate the good social behaviors taught by the church from the false claims made by the church.  I believe that it is good to put other peoples religions down so that they become aware of opposing views.  We stop living when we die.

Darwin Bedford

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I'm glad to hear that you are a caring person and good and all of that but it is not good to put other peoples religions down. It's okay to voice your opinion and say what you believe but you shouldn't imply that all Christians, or everyone that believes in God, is thinking rediculously because of that. Also, even if you end up to be right at the end of time, and the Bible is not true proclamation, what is it hurting people to believe in it? It's all good things and teachings that, overall make people better as a whole if they live the word.
So, what do you believe happens after death? Where do we go?
-Rachelle Jessee

Darwin Bedford <> wrote:
Hi Rachelle,

Yes I am a very caring person. I know that the Bible is not the word of
any God and that what you believe about it is false. I care for your well
being and the well being of the world and that is why I want people to
realize that the Bible is not what it is purported to be. Also check out We do not need religion to understand the benefits of
following the golden rule.

Darwin Bedford

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> Rachelle Jessee
> I was just wondering how you live, are you a good person are you
> friendly or nice? I was highly offended by your website, but I understand
> that everyone has their own opinion and i'm in no position to judge you.
> I'm just trying to understand why you feel as though you need to bash all
> Christian or God-fearing people and their beliefs. I realize that what
> i'm doing is like talking to a brick wall and in no way am I trying to
> change your mind I would just like to understand more about your mind set
> and thinking.
> I would appretiate your reply.
> Rachelle Jessee