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Thank you for you response.  I just cam back from Canada.  I wrote you the day after I got back.  After a few days of business meetings in Buff. NY, I decided to take some time and head to Canada to see the Niagara Falls.  I felt a relief just being outside the US.  I can't even describe how it felt to hold money that did not have religious graffiti plastered on it.  My plans are to move to the Ontario area by December of this year.  I would still be close enough to conduct business in NY (closer than I am now....Sidney Ohio....near the Ohio / Indiana boarder) without having to live in a country that forces superstition on it's citizens.
Before I make my move, I wanted the "inside" opinion of a Canadian Atheist.  I appreciate you response to my question.

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Religion is less of an issue in Canada.  We have a multicultural government initiative that promotes toleration towards other faiths and it doesn't come across as excluding atheists.  In British Columbia, one out of every three people claim to have no religion.  However, the rest of Canada has a much higher count of religionists.  Even in the US the statistics vary enormously from state to state.  In Washington, one in every five say the are non-religious.

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