Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 08:21:09 +0200
From: "Vernon R********"
To: <>
Subject: Re: Hi There

Mr Bedford,

Last night I was thinking a lot about you and realy apologise the way I
approach you in my e-mail.  I think it was because I was realy upset the
way you speak about God and Jesus Christ.  I was realy struggling with
drugs and sigarette smoking.  At that time I was also facing a trial for
robberie against me.  A friend invited me to their Sunday Church
service.  I respond to the alter call and gave my life to Christ.  Since
that time I never smoke a white pipe again and not evevn sigarettes.  I
was crying for about a day and just know that something inside of me
happen.  The Bible become a living word.  I think because you reason
like that is because you never met Christ.  Lot of people maybe have
spoken to you about the fact that Christ and God the almighty loves you.
And I wants to repeat it again.  Come out of the state of confusion that
you are in and start living sir. You are realy miss out on the good
things that God has in store for you.  In my lifetime I also see people
started walking again and was even healed of AIDS.  That is God my
So wake up out of your sleep and give it a thougt.
If God did not exist than the devil and all other evil spirits do not
exist as well.  And there are a lot of evil spirits out there.  I am
living in Africa and know what I am talking about.

"Father God, I rebuke the spirit of confussion ever this man's life in
the name of JESUS, amen"

May your eyes be open.



>>> Darwin Bedford <> 02/10/03 05:02PM >>>

Hi Vernon,

Could you send me the details of why you think Jesus healed you?

Darwin Bedford

At 12:17 PM 2/10/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I feel so sorry for are so confused.  Get a life!!!!!!!
>Choose JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!     Yhe for JESUS....The one and only.
>I can just pray for you so that you can see.  I believe in JESUS and
His Daddy, and I am proud of it, because one of the reasons is that he
healed me from drugs, just to name one reason why I believe.
>Cheers your son of a b......  Nobody is talking about my Friend like
>that,  you understand,