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  son of satan(just kidding)


  darwin, I agree in principle with trying to reason with all the stupid religious assholes,but surely an intelligient man like yourself realizes the utter futility of such an enterprise.I have better things to do with my limited time on earth than seek out morons to argue with,religion will eventually die out on its own but I doubt in our lifetime or the lifetime of anyone we know.As far me I am not a kind enough person to be a good humanist. I am quite selfish and I feel under no obligation to improve the world before I leave it.religion has already robbed me of my foreskin(which I miss)and wasted a good portion of my time as well.I don't debate religious fanatics,I threaten,shock,ridicule,insult and abuse them at every opportunity and consider it great entertainment.fuck all this nonsense. I don't need to impress them with my intellect and I sure don't want them trying to impress me with their fucking sickening sweet desire to save me or show me the error of my ways. If you think it will do any good and this is how you choose to use your time then I wish you the best of luck. enjoyed looking at your site.