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Religion is a joke dude. But not all believers are trapped in a mindless phase of narrowminded religious box thinking. People can operate and function successfully in society with a set of moral beliefs and guidlelines not grounded in their own intelectual ideas. Religion is vast and cannot be put in one box iether. Their is protestant and catholic. There are denominations credes, doctrines and the like that each church abides by and believes. There are denominations that are more susceptable to abuse both spiriatual and sexual. Not all are responsable for sexual misconduct. Make sure you do your homework before you generalise too deeply. Remember not to interpret and judge only based on your own limited experiences, presupositions and prejiduces.. Because you had a bad experience deosn't make it so for the rest of us. One bad apple ruins the proverbial barrel but fuck man such is life. Do I drop out of college and blow a future career becuase the teacher gives me an F or makes a pass at me. Most don't they do what they gotta do and stick to it to get the goal. Get over your past and move on as best as you can.
Faith may not always seem logical but it is helpful, even if only to an individual. Faith is a choice you make. Heaven hell who cares, if its real we will find out but make up your mind who you will serve and then shut the fuck up. Just be sure that in the end you chose the winning side. For better to live a life of piety and be proven wrong in the end then live a life of rebelion and see it was true in the end. The former doesn't really lose out if you ask me. Also don't use western society as the central point of the world in order to make broad generalisations like religions decline in numbers and credibility. We are a small part of the world in fact with a minority in numbers. In just china alone there are more Christians than there are in all of north america. They are the underground that decide they do not want to beleive what they are forced to by the comunist government. They decide they want to be the segment of society that thinks out of the box and for these large groups of people (by our standards or population) they put faith in God or Chrisitianity. Throughout Africa revivals of religion are taking place of propertions never seen here in the US/Can. As the comunist walls fell in Russia a revival of religion swept the country of mamoth proportions. We are the minority, we rebell against the popular culture and ideas of our parents because we have no great cause to rally behind. We rebell against freedom and its a religion in itself. You may feel you are non religious but you have created a set of beleifs that you govern your  life by and you also try vehemently to prostlytise others to adhere to. In essence you are following the sociological patern of a religiously zealous person. In other words you have created your own self centered religion which you are master over. you sound like an angry person. Get over it. Open your eyes and look at things with an ear to learn not to prove your own point. When I studied history in college the greatest lesson I learned was to shut up  and let things speak for themselves, to not always find proof of my own ideas and presuppositions. This was a liberating expereince and you need it.

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