Subject: random thoughts from a devout atheist....
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 05:52:15

I've been looking at you site for a while now, and have a few thoughts....
Why is it those who are determined to convert you to their religion have such a terrible time of spelling simple words?
Why are religious people so damned concerned about everyone else?
Why are they so sure they are right?
How is it they think a logical argument is ridiculous, while an argument based on what some jackass told them is infallible?
Why are there so many religious fanatics hanging out on your website anyway?
Why do they threaten the hell that is only as real as their heaven?
How, exactly, do they expect to convince Muslims that we are not in a holy war by displaying big signs declaring 'God Bless America'?
Speaking of, (since you are Canadian) why is it that the United States, the 'land of religious freedom', lets their government be so intertwined with religion?
And finally,
why do I have to feel like the asshole for being atheist?