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Dear messed up Christian,

First of all I am Canadian.  Canada is the country immediately north to the United States.  Yes, I realize that there will always be people that believe in gods from the simple fact that there are still people that are superstitious.  There are people that still believe the world is flat and there are apparently some adults that believe Santa is real.  But, lets try to minimize the problem.  Believers' rights end where mine begin.  I should not have to pay taxes for the advancement of religion for example.  Besides, I believe that destroying the faith of another is a good thing for them as well as being a good thing for all of us.  It helps us live in reality.  Imagine if you were to accept a job in a town where almost everyone including adults believed that Santa was real and the world was flat.  Wouldn't that make you feel a tad eerie and wouldn't you think that it was just plain wrong. Would you just be hush about it because it's their right to believe that even though they made you contribute to the cost of the town's Santa monuments. 

Darwin Bedford

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   Hmm . . . the saddest thing about this sight is that it shows the profound ignorance and rash actions of the atheist. In an attempt to say how unreal any "god" may be, and how bad Christianity is, it instead makes one laugh at it, at least any intelligent human being with an inkling of knowledge of the real world. True, Christians mess, up. True, atheists mess up. True, every human will mess up. We're all human, and we shall believe what we wish. The atheist in an attempt to destroy Christianity is just as horrid as a Roman Catholic Church in the Medieval ages. He is just as ruthless as Osama. Most of all, he is just as wicked as one who wishes to destroy the individual rights of a human being, of an American, and the entire Constitution of this United States. So, Darwin Bedford, you open your mind to the reality of this world. No matter what words you say, nor the movement you put out, there will always be believers in gods, no matter what god that may be. You're movement to destroy god believers in their faith will always fail. Instead of being the traitor to America, be the peacemaker. Instead of putting down another for their beliefs, lift them up, because we all have that freedom, to believe in what we want, and the freedom to believe in nothing at all. Men died for that freedom, this freedom you so enjoy, and obviously abuse. Donít warrant their deaths worthless by your actions. If a god believer puts you down for your lack of belief, who cares? Donít become what you describe the god believers as, for when that happens, you arenít any better than they and your words are useless. Voice your opinion, sure, but donít destroy the faith of another, for thatís their right. Be an American.