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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002, 13:58:39 -0800

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  yah right@fuÁk

  Why did you link your site to Environment Canada's weather office site.  Do you feel like you have to force your athiest bullshit down everyone's throat who just wants to check out if it's going to rain or not?  This site is sick. Grow up and try sticking a cross up your own ass--you look like you might like it. People die, hate and economic prosperity is inevitable, and the environment can recover. Education is the source of fixing our world, and your site doesn't help.  I work for the government as an environmental research scientist in water quality and you obviously know nothing about the environment--you moron.  Since we can't change peoples habits, then we have to work with it.  My job engineers treatment processes for water entering lakes and rivers to clean polluted urban and agricultural runoff.  Why do I do this?  Because there is no way in hell that any level of government is going to pay for full sewer upgrades, stop development, or even cutoff farming water supplies.  Therefore, I try to work around that and design treatment programs to save what we have left or better still, clean up polluted sites.  My point!  Simply this, quit bitching about how the world is being destroyed (by god) and that god has turned his back on us, and get off your ass and do something about how to fix it--I am.  Yes I believe in god, but I blame him for letting retards like you make sites like this.
  PS  By the way, floods and tornadoes occur naturally.  Just like fog, or waves, or plant growth. I don't see you mad at them.  God didn't cause floods or tornadoes--climate did.  Floods occur during heavy rainfall in low elevation flood plain areas where the natural watershed dainage system is exceeded.  Tornadoes occur when a warm and cool airmass collide violently.  FuÁk you're stupid, try and read a book.