From: D********
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 18:16:24 EDT
Subject: I Get What You're Sayin' . . . .

But now what about the mind itself? Throughout history many other researchers discover cases of psychic phenomenon and since they associate astral bodies (spirits) w ith psychic phenomenon as well and you're denying the existence of spirits aren't you denying the existence of the mind? Now don't feel that I'm totally disagreeing with you! Though I'm not a doctor or have any majors and degrees, I don't let that make me fe el incompetent in my research of such things. And from my mental and intellectual research I've learned two interesting things:  The effect the mind has on reality in many ways and the origin of existence from reality to the mind.

I've learned that what a person thinks, feels and perceives can have an effect on our surroundings logically, psychologically and even physically. I've learned from professional articles that the intensity of the mind is made intense by the body's physi cal energies and sometimes these energies can react to outer physical energies. This can cause various psychic incidents such as emanations, psychokinesis and physical manipulation. One thing that this reminds me of is mass hysteria for some reason. Tha t's w hen one person's psychological mechanisms almost seems to physically affect others so could that be quasi-psychic? And if scientists can prove the well known quasi-psychic and fully psychic incidents could one experiment with possible, unknown psychic i ncidents such as the formation of psychic beings or the psychic materialization of physical life?

And then I also learned a very difficult subject . . . . the origin of existence. I have learned almost every cosmological idea both religious and scientific and there is always one hell of a confusing loop hole! No one can discover a legitimate fact so that was when I decided to take a mental approach or otherwise a 'psychic' or 'spiritual' approach. My conclusion is more of a belief than a fact and it's that because we are all alive the point of existing is to simply live true to how you exist from the s tart. You don't have to believe that if you don't want to it's just that psychology seems to be very mutual with that idea.

My whole point about this is don't perceive spirits and such - with an exception with demons and devils - as psychologically destructive! Or unhealthy! Remember Drop Dead Fred? He helped that woman with not being so stiff! I understand what you m ean about the unhealthiness of imaginary friends and spiritual entities. That dwelling on one too much can stunt further growth, but just recognize the healthy side too!