From: "randy"
Subject: Hell awaits you!
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 05:48:56 +0000

I just happened across your trash while on the web. It's amazing all
the things you have to say about someone that does not exist.Just a few quick things and then I'll move on to more important issues than you.

           1. For you to call yourself an atheists who are what are
              you not believing in.( Don't go there I've read it.)
              You say I don't believe in GOD. Who ha!

           2. It's very apparent you have some deep problems that
              go back to your child hood. Your blaming GOD for
              something tragic that happened in your life, you
              feel like GOD could have steped in. So you decided
              there must not be a GOD.(Not bad hu, and we haven't
              even met.)

           3. The Bible says my Spirit beareth witness with GODS
              Spirit that I am a child of GOD.You can have the same.
              That longing that you have in your heart,thats it.
              (You know what I'm talking about don't give me that.)

           4. Last but not least.We all have an appointment with
              GOD,AND YOU WILL BE THERE I PROMISE. Bible says
              every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess
              that he is LORD.

       God Bless He loves you and will save you if only you will
       ask.            Randy

       P.S.     It's easy to slander GOD,FATHER you have a little
                trouble with the name JESUS JESUS JESUS JESUS.
                (Don't shh me you know what I'm saying.)

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