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Something always bothers me about you atheists . . . .


I have sometimes wondered about the existence of God but if I were to decide he did not exist I would see no reason to try to convince anyone else of that point of view.


After all since “God” and “Spirituality” exist in a realm that is not seen but must be believed there is no real way to prove it does or does not exist.  So if you don’t believe in God why does one need to insure that everyone else doesn’t either.  What possible reason could you have to care about anything really.


Secondly I would suggest that on some level God cannot be denied so long as the idea exists in the minds of people, even if that is the only as thoughts within people’s brains.  So much electronic and chemical stimuli.  The presence of God is felt in the reaction and memories of individuals who believe.  The idea certainly is real even if only on that level.  And its effects upon the world are far reaching.


Thirdly, the argument that religion causes wars, hatred, bigotry, etc is not logical.  The Soviet Union was an atheistic country run by the same free thinking atheists that you describe in your essay.  They communists killed more people in the name of atheism in the 80 year reign of the politburo than have been killed in the name of any religion since the dawn of humanity.  Bigotry, Fear, Powermongering is an unfortunate fact of the human condition and will occur no matter one’s religious belief which by the way is all atheism is anyway.  “A belief in No God”.


I never understand why atheists insist on being as annoying and full of zealotry as any born again evangelist determined to force their views upon me.  To the point of insult if need be.  It just does not seem logical.


By the way you left out Purgatory and Limbo.