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  wray hendrickson


  I can't read this without saying something.  I can't say that I disagree with some of your views on our present society.  I do disagree that it is God's fault.  As humans we brought the society we live in on ourselves - when God first created us he di
d provide the "perfect" world.  We are still living out the ramifications of going out on our own.  Tomorrow we will again live in a perfect world.  Unfortunately time is a human constraint that God does not work by.
  Every year the Bible is proven to be more true, I have no doubt that this will continue and that the world as we know it will continue to degrade.  People like you with the internet are proof of that.
  Hopefully God is forgiving enough to give you a second chance when you meet him face to face.  You can try and say there is no God, but I know people like you, and deep inside you fear that you will meet him one day.  You come across as a tough guy on
 your web sites, but in actualality you are a coward.  It is a lot easier to mock God, than it is to stand up for him!!
  I will pray for you, as well as myself!
  Wray Hendrickson