Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 02:18:08 EDT
Subject: Your Free Will To Choose...

You've chosen your " own Religion" so be content with it. Be confident and secuere with
who you are. Do not  allow your  insecurities to create  your emotions.

You are given the will to choose while alive, your path, your destiny. The day will surely come when you no longer have to speak, touch or breath.

"You" are truly loved !

You are like a child who demands special attention .  Your like a teenager who comes
from a dysfunctional Family, thriving on every oppertunity to challenge those who are
content and those who are @ pease with what life has dished out to them.

Theres : Black & White, Boy & Girl, Cold & Hot, Up & Down. Love & Hate, Good & Bad, Heaven & Hell, Right & Wrong.  These antonyms are laws we cannot change.

The only Power  that we will ever have is the Power to change ourselves.

                                        From someone who is interested in you !