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Subject: [WEB-20040618.d54def] Message to Darwin
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  Before I begin, I would like to say that I understand you have a right to have your opinions. I was redirected to this web page trying to go to a different site. I assume a problem you have with christians is that they try to force their religous beliefs on you. Well, when I am trying to get to a web site and this pops up, that means you are trying to voice your beliefs on me.
  How did you become so hell bent on this? I would like to offer you some help to become a happier person.
  1. seek employment
  2. move out of your parent's basment
  3. find yourself a boyfriend or girlfriend
  These three steps lead to something called "reality".
  Once these steps are complete you will see that you have no time to do things like dress up Barbie or play messiah