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Subject: [WEB-20031002.e3a71a] Message to Darwin
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003, 17:27:03 -0800

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  People like u are a disgrace to society, humanity and to any human civilization that was ever created... if u r so upset with jesus why don't u find another god to worry about to diss... u r wasting ur time dissing  him.. why don't u grow up and act like a man and try to seek help  for ur perished soul.. from ur picture that u have on ur web site u seem to be like a lost gay male who is try to get accepted in society. guess what u will never be accepted in society nor in heaven.. i suggest u to seek a new society in a deserted place where u can live there and die in peace .. coz quite frankly we do not want people like u around us cz u r a disgusted sick faggot with nasty mind,empty brains,and rotten soul.. rest in peace bud and plz take ur website offline coz when u speak ur mind u make a god damned fool out of urself and out of all british columibans...Pretty samrt dude for not writing ur home address....yeas a PO BOX is a cavalier way to sepak ur mind.. coz if i were u i will be
 in my pants if peeople know where i live... have fun