From: "John"
To: <>
Subject: thank you
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2002 13:05:31 -0700

Here i am surfing the net, i type in my address ber, hoping to find the government of canada website and i get this load of blasphemey, hehe haha you are one messed up guy.Oh well i hope your one of the first that when the Great white thrown of judgement happens you will have to confess the he is lord, whatever order it dosent matter because you will have to do it anyways. hahah eheh,
So yeah this site is funny because atheist are not suppose to believe in God and here your site is trashing God , HAHAHA HEHHHE, you are really mixed up hehe hhaha a , man i cant stop laughing at you hehehe hahahah.
This site is dedicated to God, i want you to know that the last few days i have had a rough time serving God, but now looking at your site has drawn me closer to him , now i love him even more . Thank You
You know What else  i am going to put your name in our prayer room , hehe hahahaha .
So here it is atheist are not suppose to believe in God so if you were an atheist than you wouldnt really be aknowledging God nor would you be trashing.
Once again thank you for your site , your site proves there is a God cause if there was no God why would someone dedicate there web site to it ,
heheh hahaa , God Bless ya Darwin hehehehe hahahahah
P.S. i am up for email debate as well .