Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 00:33:11 -0800
To: J****
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: your views on reality

Dear J****:

Don't underestimate your religious upbringing.  I can tell that it has done you well.  I can recognize a good shit when I see one and your're a good shit.  You have learned a lot about right from wrong by attending church yet you have managed not to be brainwashed by the garbage -- way to go!  I don't know if I would want to be carrying around Britney Spears in one arm -- that must be coming from your penis and not your head.  My concern now is that after we kill off god the world may still not be over the hump in saving ourselves from ourselves.  I think escapism and apathy are going to have to be overcome or else we will be doomed.  Being fully expressed as you are goes a long way in heading in the right direction.  Thanks for writing.

Darwin Bedford

PS, what is CCD ? -- no, never mind, I don't want to know.

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Dear Darwin:
    My name is J
**** ********** I live in Canada, Vancouver B.C. I am currently attending the University of Western Ontario, which is located in London Ontario.  When I was younger I was brought up in a religous setting.  My parents are not bible thumpers but they did there best to make sure we attended church every sunday and went to CCD after school on thursdays.  About 6 years ago when I began to rebel from my parents, as all teenagers do, I realized that God is at best a cusion for the weak.  He (he being god or gods from any religion) was created to sustain power by the ruling elite and was accepted into the conscience of the people who  were and are too affraid to face death and misfortune.  I believe right now we are on the verge of a second enlightenment.  We are stepping away from what if and diving into I'll believe it when I fuÁking see it.  Science is fact and the universe and every thing in it is really nothing but a huge math equation.  What we percieve the world to be is nothing but math equations that give us the sense of being.  The human mind is unable to fathom the unknown so we create explanations, so that we can sleep at night.  God is not a law he is a perception.  Spirituality is a language created by the animal instinct to stay alive. Because it is human nature to do anything to live; after life is a mental picture created by humans to ease there fears of death.  The human mind is much smarter than other animals therefore we cannot just put death aside and not worry about it; we need answers, without answers or God there would be no order. I mean think about it its always old people preaching this shit, they are the ones that fear death the most because they are closer to death than anyone else.  But dont get me wrong the whole God concept sounds nice, I mean fuÁk if there was such thing as heaven I would want to be there.  They say heaven is a world of your every wish, that would be fuÁking awsome.  I'd be rolling in a lotus esprit V8 twin turbo with Britney Spears on one arm and rebecca Gayheart on the other.  The theory can not be backed by science or math.  If it cannot be backed by math and math can explain the universe than why the fuÁk should I believe in it.  Give me some proof and I'll jump on the religion train because I would rather go to heaven than cease to exsist believe me.  I am a realist, the human race basically disgusts me in many ways, people lie, cheat, rape, pillage, steal, murder and so on..  We do this even when we are not in positions where our lives have been threatened.  Married people sleep with others yet believe that they are with their "Soul Mate".  People lie to draw attention to themselves.  Girls go out and get fuÁked over and over by disease carrying hosts that they meet at the bar.  We alter our state of mind with drugs that make our regular behavior altered.  I am not perfect, yet I try to have integrity.  There have been times when I have been drunk and done things that I will forever regret but I try to be true.  I try to tell the truth, I never pick on people, I will never hurt the innocent I will only protect them.  Integrity should be the foundation of our new global culture.  Self improvement and team work will guide us in the right direction.  These are my views on life, this is how I look at the world.
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