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  I am only a kid but I can say you are entitled to your right as an atheist. As I am entitled to my right as believing in God. I don't want to bash you with the bible this and the bible that bur I would like to tell you if it wasn't for God I would definetly not be alive today. I can name numorous incidents where I have almost died or others have. When I was younger I choked on ribs and while that was happening I prayed to God to get someone who knows how to help me and he did. Then I had something on my shoulder and for years the doctor told me it was fine it was just a birth mark until I told him it bothered me. Then he sent me to another doctor who took a biopse and found out that it would soon become cancerious. When I found out I needed surgery I cried and  pray that it wouldn't hurt. When I came out of surgery I went home and jumped on the tramploine with my friends. When I was about 8 I went to Puerto Rico because the doctors said my grandfather would die. I prayed everyday to not let him die and he's still alive and well today. My friend's baby boy had cancer in his eyes and everyone they knew was praying for them and he was healed of it. September 11th might of started off as a horrible thing and to many it still is but thousands of people gave their lives to the Lord. The norht building stayed up for over an hour before collaping because there were people in there praying for God to help them out and many of them did get out safely. On the way home the other day I almost saw my life fly right by me. This guy was speeding and almost hit where my side of the car was and I screamed so loud for God to help me that all of sudden it was like his car moved away. May God Bless You greatly