From: "j*** n******" 
Subject: Pantheism
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 02:38:56 +0000


\Pan"the*ism\, n. [Pan- + theism.] The doctrine that the universe, taken or conceived of as a
whole, is God; the doctrine that there is no God but the combined force and laws which are
manifested in the existing universe; cosmotheism.

Hey, i need to let you know something, you are talking to the bigist realigios hacker on the planet....

i have gone from christian to buddist to atheist and now to pantheistic.

the nature of god is something that needs to be found.
god is real! god is right in front of you all the time.
you were bourn into god.
everything in this univerce as a whole is the combined wholeness of god
i am going to now find out what happends when you die! i have found out as much as i want to know in this form of exsistance.
now i am going to kill my self so i can find the truth of my own personal exsistance as a part of god.
and any one part of god can still fractaly be empowered or de-empowered to create the forms that you see in front of you this moment.
dude..... if you really really really want to know the truth! you are going to have to eather catch around 10000 minds and all concentrate on this one large beond univerceial problem.. then spend around 1000 years to capture all the proper points of exsistance.

there is great power at the end of this conquest... power that will be captured by the one who is ment to capture it!

by the way! you have no free will!! every action that you can commit has been in one way determend.

it's a verry simple logic and it goes like this.

if tommorow is yesterday to the day after tomorrow, then you can't change the future, only because you can't change yesterday!

we are mear observers that have been granted permissions to view this altercation and suffer in this finite form of exsistance.
we have no choice in any matter. we can observe the mear illusion of a choice..... but to tell you the truth!!! Even god has not a choice.
this introduces verry verry complex problems if you are to "belive" it
i my self belive in it absoluty and i know that even a non beliver is still subject to the laws of my faith!

i may be dead by the time you get this message so... i hope you can see the secret message stored withen my mind.

J***** P****** N*****
Age: 20
Location: Davis, Ca