Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2003 21:22:55 -0300
From: Abdul Rasheed <>
Subject: god is a psycho loner
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    You doing a good job Mr Darwin Bedford...I just found out that there was
no God and that that God must be crazy or a freaking dictator like Saddam
and must be crushed.
I'm an african  and i've read the bible quran and torah and they are all
full of lies and they worth nothing than a toilet paper, i was born a muslim
and i went in to christianity with full knowledge and understanding of the
bible for 12 years and then i went back to islam and then i found out it's
all lies , i read the quran too with full understanding and was worshipping
this god that sends all this murderers and pedophiles like muhammed and
jesus  but now i know that there was no jesus or muhammed or any red sea
pathing by moses ... it was all fairy tales and this god told moses in the
ten commandment "thou shall not kill"and then in 1 samuel chapter 15 verse
2-3 , he told king saul to destroy a nation and kill them including
men,women,children and infants, what a god? if you see god mr
darwin....please tell me where he is ....i want to indict him for crimes
against humanity and for killing 3 million children in somalia with hunger
and he feeds the israelites with manna in the desert during their journey to
the promised land and he cant feed the people of somalia and ethiopia? what
about liberia,rwanda,congo,south africa ? continue your message of self
empowerment, good job Mr Darwin.
Abdul Rasheed Akanbi
Halifax,Nova Scotia