Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 21:52:31 -0700
To: "James
From: Darwin Bedford <>
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Dear James Wilkinson,

I should phone you because if I am going to be the Atheist Messiah then I need practice in responding on the spot to people like you who have only been educated by the Bible.  However, you failed to mention what time zone you're in and when a good time to phone is.  PS, I don't usually respond to people that come across as being a total waste of my time because they have been whacked on the head so hard with the Bible.  I like to get at the people that may be sitting on the fence and there is still hope for them.

Darwin Bedford

At 07:22 PM 7/29/02 -0600, you wrote:

I would imagine that you get a kick out of the fact that the only people who respond to your site are Christians.  I'll tell you what.  I am going to give you my personal 1-888 number for you to phone me if you like (which I'm sure you won't) because I think that you might actually be bright enough to at least discuss a number of issues.  1 More thing I will give you your story of Jesus but does it really seem less logical to believe that story than it does to believe that billions and billions of years age gas (who knows where it came from) came together and exploded creating matter.  Of the stuff "Created" (yes I know gas is a form of matter) we received planets. and on 1 of those planets some chemicals got together in a process which has never been seen since and created life,  this life for some apparent reason needed to learn to swim.  after that it wanted out of the water, after that it wanted to go into a tree and after that it wanted to fly and walk and that is how we are here today.  If you do phone please remember that not everybody is stupid and put together a little better version of your understanding of the "Gospel" and if you do that then I will be more that glad to explain the finer points of evolution, creation, atheism, religion, Christianity, faith, science and any number of other topics to you.
The problem is you are really content not knowing, not going outside you experience to find out what is real.  I wrote you an e-mail once before and you never replied to it.  If you are going to post a site like this (and especially if you want to call yourself the Athiest Messiah) then you should become educated.  You sound like maybe you have a bachelors or maybe a masters or something but It is my belief that you have been educated a little beyond your intelligence.  I also think you are giving yourself a lot of credit by calling yourself a thinker.  The things you think about revolve around disproving things you don't believe exist. Real thinkers think about things that nobody understands.

Phone me if you would like to have a real discussion
I'm interested