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  hmmmm....u have a very different view than me. (i emailed u earlier today under "krisr2007@aol", thats my other email), and i was just wondering...have you ever thought about why Christianity is the leading religion in the world? I mean REALLY THOUGHT
 ABOUT IT, not in a sarcastic or taunting way? Maybe u should. If anything, it might make u a little more understanding as to why we believe such "nonsense" and "myths." In response to the "think for yourself" philosophy, i think going against the grain
 JUST BECAUSE you don't wish to be told how to think is kind of a weak argument...but that's just my opinion. I really would like to chat with you sometime, in a civil debate, not in an all-caps, my-way-is-right-and-yours-is-wrong type of thing. My scre
en names are arthead1006 and krisr2007. IM me :-)