From: Dan M******
To: <>
Subject: Just read
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 2002 10:33:50 -0800

When I first saw your sight my immediate reaction was shock and anger to read your blasphemy. However, it goes to show you know there is a God and that he is Jesus Christ. Let's be serious here, you claim to be athiest and there are thousands of religions out there, and yet you choose to discriminate Christianity only. Obviously you are bitter towards Christianity and through your bitterness you have chosen wickedness. I'm willing to bet that at one time in your life you were a christian, but something happened. In your anger, you blamed the Lord. But let me tell you something, you are nothing compared to God so you are wasting your time. God doesn't need you and never will, he only loves you and chose to die for your sins. Why do you feel the need to blame God. He gave us a free will and man has chosen complete wickedness. We are only reaping the consequences of our own actions. Of couse though, we can never blame ourselves so we will blame the one and only savior, Jesus Christ. Afterall, why didn't you blame Hindu or muslim and any other religion for that matter? Was it not in the name of Alla that the twin towers came down? I think it's time you have a reality check my friend. You are walking down a road of destruction and yet, for what?