Date: Mon, 17 Sep 2001 17:45:54 -42000
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Hi T**,

The answer is simple.  Teach them that the ideas of religious peoples are silly and outdated.  We know better now because we have learned so much more than when the (religious) ideas first came to mind.  Teach them to keep an open mind and to question everything, i.e., to think for themselves.

Darwin Bedford

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Mr Bedford,
I must say that you have some cast iron balls. I mean that as a compliment. I've felt the same way on these issues since I was around 20 or so, however, I haven't been quite as vocal as you for fear of social backlash. I can get quite pissed off at the ignorance that spews out of the mouth of the very religious. My question to you is this. What should I teach my children? I'm a single father of 4 young children. I grew up in a very religious home and although I now know it was crap, religion served as a warm blanket at times. When I got older and got away from alot of religious people, I had to do some serious adjusting when my belief system got stripped away. I want to teach my children what's true but on the other hand, I don't want them to grow up to be too cynical about the world.