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  I think its pretty obsured that all the problems in this world are blamed on the creator of it. Things in life happen for a reason. Why? We don't know. That is why he is God and we are not. I was once a atheist, but you know what? I woke up from the life of hating someone who really has given us the choice of free will. I understand that there is a lot to be angry for, but Christ died for even those that blame him for something he is totally innocent of. Infact we should all be dead, we don't deserve half of what we have. I pray that one day you will wake up just like Saul did to realize how gracious God is and I hope it isn't too late. For there was once a man who asked that God would return his cancer if it would bring him closer to the lord. And that cancer came back and he died knowing God, not viewing him as the world wants him to be viewed. Human nature is to make ourselves happy no matter if it hurts someone else. Of course we don't want to do what someone else says, we want to be free. I myself struggle with that. But it doesn't deny the fact that God loves us enough to come down here and be humiliated and he did it knowing that people would still deny his existence I pray for the unbelief embedded in your heart, and you know what... I Love you all regardless of what you say about Christ or if you hate me, for he loved those that killed him.