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Dear Katie,

When you have asked as many questions about gods as I have then you may be as sure as I am.  For the time being just keep asking.  My latest question about god is "How long was god in existence for before he got the idea to create everything else?"  Was it like a few minutes or was it years?  Did he get lonely?  Was it after he killed off all the other gods?  What do you think?

Darwin Bedford

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  I typed in and this site popped up.  I'm not being lured in, and I didn't hear about your site from anyone.  Pure conincidence.
  Do you realize it's just as hard to be an atheist as it is to be a devote Christian?  I mean, come on, they can't prove "He" does exist, and you can't prove "He" doesn't exist. Do you reject the notion of a higher power?  Do you really, honestly, and
truely believe there is nothing else out there?  I'm not saying there is a "God," I don't believe in God in the sense that Christians are "supposed" to believe.  I don't even know if I believe in a higher power.  But I admit that I certainly can't disprove it either.  Neither can you...neither can anyone.  You can be atheist all you want, but your first flaw is totally rejecting "God" and putting down those who do believe.