Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 08:13:16 -0800 (PST)
From: Lionel Moirez 
Subject: Praise

Dear Darwin Bedford,
First I would like to congratulate your website... it
has by far increased my awareness of the world around
me.  I am a fellow atheist, I am 16, and I live in
connecticut.  recently my life has been tormented due
to the fact that I have made the mistake of openly
telling people I am an atheist.  I am constantly
persecuted for my differences in opinion, and treated
like a beast.  Also there are signs spread all over my
school about christmas, Kwanzaa, and Haunakah,
obviously due to the upcoming holiday season.  This is
by far a violation of my and fellow atheists
constitutionally given rights.  When I bring this
subject up to oithers for discussion they claim
"You're insane" or "You're so full of shit" and so on.
 Personally I don't like my mental stability being
questioned or criticized anymore than it has already.
So recently I have written a multipage essay on
religion, entitled: "The Psychology of Christianity".
When I try to get this displayed in any public place,
it is immediately torn down or destroyed.  Whenever I
put up a poster speaking about "equal rights for
atheists" it is torn down.  Aparently peaceful freedom
of speech is not allowed in this country.  It truly is
hard being the second largest group in the "religious
pool" and treated as the lowest minority.  Currently
18.6% of the world's population is Islamic, 21.1%
Atheist/Agnostic, and 33.6% Christian/Catholic.  Even
though we are the second largest group in the world,
we receive the least amount of recognition and are
constantly ignored and criticized.  Surprisingly
enough people just don't want to hear the truth
anymore.  IT's pathetic I tell you.
Anyways, I was wondering if you wouldm like to post
this letter on your website, along with my essay, and
a link to my uh... underworked website.  And possibly
I could continue correspondance with you in order to
help raise peoples awareness of the oppression in my
school system.
Thank you for your time
Lionel Moirez