From: "Alex" 
Subject: The Pope...
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2002 00:45:50 -0400

Well, after reading your article, I have to say that it's a nice breath of fresh air - especially with all the crap surrounding the Pope's visit to Ontario.  I have to ask you though - does it not infuritate you that the only answer you get from the 'believers' is that all this 'bad' stuff happens because it is man's choice?  ie. if God hadn't given man free will (sheeeeeeya - riiight) then these things wouldn't happen, because it is all man's fault.

I truly believe religion is good - for the weak minded, who care not to think for themselves, and need to find a shelter from the storm known as life. For anyone else - it is a terrible, terrible front for mass-murder, corporate greed and all the other items you have pointed out.  And thank you for doing so!

I am currently living in Taiwan - so the religious effect here is different.  Mostly Buddhist - but there are a few Christianity-based churches around. 
Mostly in the small communities, where they could manipulate better!  But I know upon my return home, I am going to be smacked in the face with a whole shitload of that kind of sickening crap - being touted as a saving grace.

(deep sigh)

It would be nice to see an end.  Thanks for a great article - going to check out some of your other links now!