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Subject: Evolution and ethics
Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2003 18:56:00 -0000
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To Darwin Bedford

I hope you will excuse my writing to you. In my recently published book, I
have explored the implications of evolution for a scientific theory of
purpose and ethics, which does not require any supernatural assumptions.
Some details are at:

Many philosophers readily discard evolution because you cannot deduce an
"ought" from an "is", leaving the only source of values as our innate
sentiments. Yet the only non-random input that has created these sentiments
is the action of natural selection. Is it possible that Hume's law, rather
than ruling out evolution, makes it essential to an understanding of ethics?

If you can spare any time to offer comment or discussion on these ideas, as
set out on the web site above, I would be grateful for your help.

Best regards
Donald Cameron