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Dear Deb,

Nothing happened in my life to turn me against God.  I just never accepted the concept in the first place.  It comes across to me as being totally bogus and it creates more questions than it answers.  The irony about the Bible is that Jesus is a false prophet.  If people keep burying their heads in these old silly holy books then the planet will become a living Hell.  It is not God that is to be blamed it is man's holding onto God as being real instead of dismissing the concept as a myth--as was done to the many gods that preceded the one-god idea.

Darwin Bedford

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  I can't believe that I accidently clicked on this site.  I was looking for Employment Canada believe it or not!!!!
  I can't believe what I'm seeing here..What happened in your life to turn you so against God??
  I am no bible thumper..but do believe that there is a superior power who guides all of our lives.  God gave us a set of commandments to follow...he also gave us our own free will why do you condemn him for all the troubles in this world?  Why is
 he always the one to blame for man's stupidity?
  I think that it's fine if you want to believe what you want ...but why go to the extent of building a web page that is so full of bitterness and hate?  Shouldn't you blame "man" for what goes on, on this planet rather than God?  Or is "God" just the e
xcuse that everyone uses...when things go wrong?
  I think that those poor bitter bastards who have been done wrong in this world are probably the ones who choose to be influences by your crap...and I think that it takes a stronger person to believe in God and Jesus Christ than not to's
easy to make up excuses and to be gutless ....but the bible says that there will be many false prophets in these days...and many who will be led astray by Satans "helpers"
  I believe that you must be one of those helpers....I'll pray for you "Darwin"