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Hello Mr. Darwin
I find your views very interesting.  I myself am not an ahiest but an agnostic.  I do have a problem with the Christian religion very much though.
So many of the strong Christians that have emailed you are so brainwashed and blind...why don't they understand that the bible is just...pure bull!  Why don't they realise that the "miracles" that it says that he performed are just exaggerated stories told by human beings..
I mean come on...
I'm sure Jesus existed and I'm sure that he was a great guy....but he wasn't the SON OF GOD....
And who the fuck is God...
What the hell is God....
How can SO many people believe in his existance? How do these people that told you that you're going to "burn in hell" know that a hell exists?
Its interesting that so many people can believe in something that is not scientifically proven.
I strongly believe in science.  Science can justify almost everything, and if can anyone have an opionion about it

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