From: "Dan" 
To: <>
Subject: pope is dope
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 13:04:02 -0400

I read your article, and I loved it. My wife and her family are very
religious, and I can't share what I think of god and all that, since they go
crazy. I'll outlaw the religion, and I am sure time will come when we'll
have to do it. It caused so many bloodshed and war's, and even to date many
people are suffering as a result of religion wanting "to bring the best in
us".  There is only 10 commandments, and we haven't learn to live by any of
those (for those saying how religions brings ethics and moral into our

I particularly like the article because I tells the story the way it's
written, and it sounds totally stupid. The worst of it is that people who
believe in absurdities will always be willing to commit atrocities in the
name of the god, they have to protect their madness by all means.

I am originally from Yugoslavia, and while under Tito and his communist
fist, we couldn't practice religion. After his death, we all went back to
our "roots" and churches, and we become Christians, Catholics and
Muslims...5-6 wars and 250,000 deaths later we can freely indulge in the
religious festivities, praise the lord.