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Subject: [WEB-20021025.7de6ee] Message to Darwin
Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002, 06:46:53 -0800

Date and Time: Friday, October 25, 2002, 06:46 PST
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  ok, first of all God had nothing to do with those people being killed on sept. 11.  Did He send those people on the planes to crash them? and your whole thesis of God siding with bin laden is the most stupid thing that i have ever u know wha
t? u really need to think over your whole argument because you have no real proof or anything to back-up what you are saying.  Secondly, God is there for people who want to follow Him.  He doesn't force people to and of course there are people like u wh
o eit
her believe in no God or a false God and have different beliefs or views on the universe as a whole, that is why the world is so evil and corrupt now.  Who do you think al-queda's believe in and what beliefs do u think they have?  Obviously it's not of
God, maybe you should read the Bible and find out exactly what it is that God has ordained before you come up with your stupid analysis of God, which obviously has no meaning.  In conclusion i would like to say that you need to fully think over what you
trying to say because what are you doing is so corrupt and you will pay for it.