Date: Sat, 13 Oct 2001 11:21:47 EDT
Subject: Doing "atheistic" things...

I just heard a counterpart of yours, the president of Atheists of America, on
the Mike Gallagher Show last night Friday 12 October.  I was so grateful for
the explanations of her positions.  Now I better understand what makes
atheists tick.  I am so glad I am not one.  Virtually all of her positions
were based on faulty assumptions then backfilled with even more faulty
justifications.  It was the ultimate attempt at the backfilling of
preassumed, albeit wrongly arrived at positions using faulty and reaching
logic.  It was in a way both quaint and pathetic.  Reminded me of some of the
juvenile arguments many of us had in our formative teenage years about faith
and religion.  Spiritual immaturity at its height.  She accused the faithful
of wasting time praying on their knees but then lauded them for doing the
"atheistic" thing by being helpful and charitable to those in need.  I was in
stitches.  Sounded like something out of Herr Goebels himself at the height
of Nazism.

You folks are sure amusing...