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Sara, here's a few minutes of my time and answers to your questions.

1) God does not exist but because people believe that one exists I feel obliged to set them free of such nonsense.  By helping others I receive inner award.

2) No, the more I think about it the more I realize that it is extreme to believe that one does exist.  Have you read my "Simplicity of Existence" article?

3) because we have evolved from animals that have no concept of concept.

4) That's your languaging of it.  I see it as material following the physical laws of the universe.

5) Emotional crises comes to mind.

6) Paul wrote about a popular thinker.

Darwin Bedford

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  if you would take the courtesy of reading this and writing me back. i would just like to ask you some questions to make my understanding of why people are atheists.

1) If you actually believe that something does not exist why would you than waste so much of your time with it?
Isn't it the same as me saying that superman doesn't exist, and then write a whole bunch of articles against it?

2) Isn't it extreme to assert that God doesn't exist? To make such a statement you'd have to have complete knowledge and to have been everywhere in the universe?
Maybe he dwells somewhere you don't know of or haven't been to. Is that possible?
3)Why does humanity seem to have an innate desire and need to worship something or someone?
Why is there such a universal religious sense within humanity?

4)What about the evidence in design of all creation? Isn't it obvious that everything that is created has to have a creator?

5)How do explain the many people throughout history who have claimed to have a life changing experience with Jesus Christ?

6)How do you account for the historical person of Jesus Christ?  He has made such a great impact upon history that we even measure our calendar by him. 2000 years have passed and millions still follow him.