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Subject: [WEB-20040110.4feea1] Message to Darwin
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004, 15:09:39 -0800
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  hey darwin... how art thou?   saw you last night at the powerclown show..
    here is the link i told you about where the story of mithra (the before christ jesus) is explained.  very revealing.   please put me on your mailing list.
  you know.  i am not really 100% athiest.  there might be a creator of some kind. i don't know, but neither does anyone else.  if there is a god, i don't think it is very intelligent or interested.  if it has any control over the fate of living things, it must be cruel and/or callous, and guilty of unimaginable abuse and neglect.  i am more of an antitheist.   if god exists, i am against it.  anyway, check out the antichristmas page.  you will find it most enlightening and entertaining.
  keep up the good work.