To: <>
Subject: Your web page
Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2001 11:38:11 -0600

I happened across your web page today and wanted to find out exactly what brought you to the point of feeling and thinking the way you do.  I can understand someone NOT believing.  However, you seem bitter and vindictive, as if you felt that God had let you down in the past and you are trying to "get back at Him" by attacking anyone who calls Him their God. 
Why do you call Jesus a no-show?  George Jones is known as "No-Show" Jones, because he would fail to appear at a paticular time.  Jesus has made no such claims as to when He would appear.  Therefore, He is not a "no-show" and He is not late.  Just because He hasn't come yet, doesn't mean He will not when the time comes. 
This email is probably more fuel for the fire of anger and disappointment that burns inside of you.  It is really a shame that you are throwing away your eternal future because of your hurt feelings.  It reminds me of a time I saw Madeline O'Hare on television responding to a caller who said they would be praying for Ms. O'Hare.  Instead of responding, as a true atheist would, Ms. O'Hare became furious.  She told the caller that she didn't want or need anyone praying for her.  If she truly believed there were no God, why didn't she tell the caller, "Honey, just you go ahead and pray your sweet little heart out, for there is no one to listen."  Don't you get it?  You are letting anger destroy you.  And it will ULTIMATELY completely destroy you one day - on that day that you say hasn't come and won't come.  Eternity for you hangs in the balance, and the scales are not in your favor.
If you can be civil, I would welcome your response.