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  Adam Chill


  I choose to call myself an agnostic rather than aetheist if only as a matter of civility. It was said that an agnostic is a cowardly aetheist but the Truth is there are a great many unexplainable things in our universe and to say that there is in fact no higher force is unprovable (though most likely).

I write this message to comment on the tone of your sight. I enjoy the hardline anti-religious position as much as any other passionate non-believer, on the other hand I don't think it advances the cause much. Indeed, I believe that it trivializes it. Any unnuanced argument has the same effect (think Michael Savage or the "Axis of Evil"); you are limiting yourself to the already converted and you are working far too hard to allow that.

Anyway, keep up the good work and keep fighting.

Adam Chill
Venice, CA