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Subject: [WEB-20040621.112957] Message to Darwin
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  Colin B


  Don't e-mail me if you're a christian or I'll kill myself and you know that your "god" doesn't want that cause the fucker loves me.
  The reason that christianity is the answer to all your problems is because you don't have any real problems! I live in a first world country just like i bet the majority of you do and when it comes down to it we've got it pretty good. You may be able to say that god "touched your life" and helped you when you needed it most but have you ever stopped to think that maybe it's all in your head. I mean come on, we've got brains that are more powerful than modern computers. Maybe, just maybe, you're not entirely uselsss and you may have even done some good for yourself. Next time you're struggling with a problem let me know when god shows up to solve it for you.