Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 20:52:15 -0800
From: Darwin Bedford <>
Subject: Re: concerning your website

Dear K***** B*****,

You are exactly the target audience that I am trying to reach.  You obviously surround yourself with fellow Christians.  Perhaps you should question some of the misinformation that you have acquired from them.  By my mocking of God I am demonstrating that I do not accept such nonsense of the notion of gods and therefore do not fear God.  After my heart stops beating my brain organ stops functioning and material being becomes a corpse.  This applies to you too.  So don't waste the rest of your life thinking that you are living in the presence of God -- it is the only life that you have.

Darwin Bedford

At 10:04 PM 1/29/02 +0000, you wrote:

Dear Mr.Bedford

While trying to research a school project, i came upon your website, my teacher gave me "government of canada" yet i was appaled by what showed up on my screen.Have you no decency at all? It is comple tely up to you what your beliefs are, yet broadcasting them with such crudeness is very disturbing.May i ask you something, do where do you think you'll end up after you're heart stops beating?Maybe atheism is your way out of that question,but do you re ally think you are accomplishing anything by mocking God your heavenly father who created you.