From: Kurt S*****
Subject: [WEB-20021030.8d1fd0] Message to Darwin
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002, 22:32:43 -0800

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 30, 2002, 22:32 PST
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  Kurt S*****

    I like how you present your opinions, but I happen to think you're wrong by irrevocably associating the existence of God with the existence of religion.  The existence of God is a question above and beyond the aberration of dogmatic religion, and it seems to me a fallacy to absolutely tie the two together: after all, even if a particular religion or even all religions weren't at all true (which I suspect they aren't), that says nothing about the existence of a higher being.
    That said, the basic premise of your site (that God is nonsense because religion is nonsense) is faulty.  It's a fun read, though, since you're obviously an intelligent writer.
  Cheers Mate.