Subject: [WEB-20021029.49a3ec] Message to Darwin
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002, 13:33:29 -0800

Date and Time: Tuesday, October 29, 2002, 13:33 PST
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  James mccullough

  hahaha Great f*n site...all of it logical and true...i'm gonna get me one of those t-shirts eventually so i can loiter around the christian club in my school for a laugh or two...anyway, i've honestly given up on the world and humanity....there is simply too much stupidity...the world thrives on it...the 6th mass extinction is on it's way, caused of course by our retarded species. It's pointless to try and convert them, they should just die...but who is anyone to judge who should die or not? It's al
l very annoying. I know what's right/logical and wrong/illogical but most people should just fuÁking die....and I know you know what i'm talking about
  I can envision a scenario that could remedy the problem although it's likelyhood is about as possible as a religious fundamentalist pulling the wool off their eyes. If stupid people were not allowed to have children then after they all lived out their pathetic lives the world would be sigificantly less populated and the remaining intelligent people could start perfecting the human race.
  Ha I wish.
  It's nice to get a good rant out once in a while...thanks
  keep up the good work