From: "Kathy C*****"
To: "Darwin Bedford" <>
Subject: Jesus died for you too
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 12:14:2 -0400

Mr. Bedford, there is absolutely NOTHING that an atheist website can tell
me that I would want to hear or would make a difference in what I know and
believe.  Perhaps you'd like to visit my church's website: and learn something for yourself.  My faith is
strengthened through the Word of God, not through the website of a person
who claims to not believe in God.  It would make more sense for you to
visit our website and learn how to develop faith.  That is an even greater
challenge, don't you think?  Eternity is forever, and without God, you are
doomed to eternity in hell.  There is no such thing as an atheist.  If you
are not serving God, then you are serving Satan.  This is not my belief -
it is absolute truth.  I am alive now, and for eternity through Jesus
Christ, my Lord and Savior.  I will pray for you, for to believe you have
no soul is so very sad.  I do have a soul.  You do too - Satan has
convinced you that you don't.  Thank you for your response.  I pray you
have a blessed day.

> From: Darwin Bedford <>
> To: kathy
 > Date: 9/12/02 1:58:47 AM
> Subject: Re:
> Hi Kathy,
> If you are horrified by my site then you are just the type of person that
> needs to receive therapy from it.  Perhaps if you visit it often and in
> little chunks at a time you will see what I mean.  Yes, Kathy, go ahead
> take the challenge on your faith, it may even make your faith stronger.
> Enjoy this day because after your death there are no more.  There is not
> any God and you and I do not have souls.
> Darwin Bedford
> At 02:52 PM 9/11/2002 -0400, you wrote:
> >I somehow was routed to this horrible web site when I typed
> >"".  I am horrified at what little I saw
> >there before I left the site.  May God have mercy on your souls.
> >
> >
> >Enjoy this day which the Lord has given you!
> >Love & Prayers,
> >Kathy

Enjoy this day which the Lord has given you!
Love & Prayers,