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The Psychology Of Christianity
By Lionel “The Sinister Minister” Moirez
        Christianity.  Probably the largest cult claiming
it’s a religion due to the sheer amount of followers
it has drawn.  Most of who aren’t necessarily the
brightest apples in the bunch.  They’re brought up to
believe what their parents believe and their parents’
parents believed and so on down the line all the way
back to the beginning.  It’s a continuous, unending
pattern in human history.  Like a chain that can’t be
broken.  I’m tired of hearing about it and it’s time
for such a “perfect” thing to be shown as the
fraudulent fairytale it really is.
Christians:   (Other branches do apply to this as a
whole, it would take too damned long to go through
each and everyone of them and explain their faults so
I’ll do it all at once).  Some are basically scared
into believing in Christianity, i.e. if you don’t
believe in god; you go to hell and burn for all
eternity.  Basically what this means is if you’re not
with us you’re against us so you should deserve to die
over and over again in the most painful and scary
place that we can create.  And some are raised by
their parents to believe in Christianity.  Their
parents and peers on occasion put images into the
youngsters mind that subconsciously tell them that
this religion is good and believing in anything else
is completely wrong.  And after years and years of
saying, “I’m a Christian” or “I’m a catholic” or “I’m
a Protestant” people will just do it out of habit.
They’ve gotten so used to thinking that’s what they
are they actually believe it.  And even when they’re
not devout Christians like some fanatics, they will
still defend their “faith” to their last breath.  Why?
 Peer pressure.  They were raised into believing that
it’s wrong to have a free mind and change your
opinion.  Like “you’re either this or that, but we’re
making you a this and you should never ever be a that.
 If you ever go against our will we shall shun you
forever, and never respect you.”  People are afraid to
lose their friends because they still want to have
their respect and all the benefits of being with the
“in” crowd.  Same thing in high school: “You’re either
popular or a freak and we will never look at you, let
alone give you the time of day.”  Basically those who
don’t conform to their mind-bending, overpopulated,
idiotic, cult are obviously evil and should be hunted
down and murdered as their fictitious and fairy-tale
like god commanded them to do.  (Surprisingly their
God, loving everyone and everything in the world, able
to control a person’s fate in a nanosecond, isn’t able
to control free thought and atheists and orders them
to be executed for blasphemy by the people he can
“Christian: n.  One who believes that the New
Testament is a divinely inspired book admirably suited
to the spiritual needs of his neighbor.  One who
follows the teachings of Christ in so far as they are
not inconsistent with a life of sin.”
Ambrose Gwinett Bierce (1842-1914?) The Devil’s
Dictionary (1911)
Church:  Good proof of what I’m saying can be
witnessed in a church (supposing you don’t burst into
flames like the heathen demons you are upon entering
the doors to this omnipresent foundation of greed and
self-absorbency).  Observe the “believers” in a
church.  Compare the amount of those who actually
participate in the singing with all their might and
soul (assuming they aren’t being provoked to by more
peer pressure and fear of being singled out and
persecuted for not conforming), I’m sure you’ll see
what I mean.  There is a good 10% to 90% ratio between
people that are actually interested in this crap and
those that go out of habit and/or against their will.
Most really don’t care and are just there to go, not
to pray for their sins to be washed away or for a
disease to be cured.  They go simply to go not to feel
holy anymore.  Another thing: look at their eyes,
faces, and body expressions.  Do these people look
like the stereotypically depicted Christian?
Wide-eyed filled with holy inspiration and love for
their fellow man and all that pompous bullshit.
Hardly.  Bored-as-fuçk, wishing-they-were-watching-TV,
uninterested zombies.  Count how many will fall asleep
or are on the edge of consciousness.  Imagine a world
without having to go to a place to be bored for an
hour to an hour and a half.  These people actually
expect you to shell out a good 20 bucks so the priest
can go buy a fancy new car and say that it was a gift
from god and he will use it to spread the word of his
savior.  They expect you to sing every hymn so loud
and clearly that God can hear you.  And so on.  It’s
the same procedure every Sunday.  Go, wipe some Evian
on your body, try to stay awake, put an Andrew Jackson
in the tray when it comes around, eat a mass produced
“blessed” cracker and drink some grape juice, shake
hands with total strangers, wipe more Evian on your
body, and leave to go whack off at home to make up for
all the time you missed.  Boy sounds like fun, count
me in.
Clergy:  Priests, “fathers”, bishops, cardinals,
popes, etc.  If you listen to a priests’ sermon during
a middle of a mass you can pick out certain words and
phrases that are commonly referred to.  At every
church mass I have attended the sermon stays the same
in symbolism, just changes in words.  Some topics the
priest will try to debunk are: atheists, agnostics,
UFO’s, Homosexuals, abortion, various other religions,
spiritualism, possibility of church and state
separation, and so on.  Same old shit every Sunday.
Basically they run out of topics to convince the
masses to believe in the further with so they recycle
old ones.  Religion has had nothing new added to it in
general for the past few hundred years.  Persecution
of anything that doesn’t conform to their beliefs
(Spanish Inquisition, The Crusades, Salem Witch Hunt,
The Holocaust, and more recently Islam) is all they do
apparently.  According to these priests, and so-called
“holy men”, God tells Christians to love themselves,
each other, and everything else in the universe.  Boy
they sure are doing a damned good job of upholding
God’s will if their intent is mass genocide and death
to everything and everyone they come in contact with.
Bra-fuçking-vo.  Another one of my problems with the
clergy of this cult is their incredible greed.  When
the priests ask you to place a few bucks into the
basket or plate or whatever, what do you think happens
to it?  Does it go to the hungry and needy on the
streets?  Just a small portion of the money, and
indirectly given at that.  The money goes to Christian
corporations to buy new stationary and make more
bulletins about their recent campaigns to stop any
other belief, abortion, etc.  How much money actually
goes to the individual who needs it?  Not one red
fuçking cent.  The rest of the money received goes to
keeping the priest alive.  Medical bills, electricity,
TV, phone bills, groceries, gas money, etc., it's not
like the priest gets to live off the government
completely.  Believe me it actually costs money to
survive in this country and just as a little bonus
they aren’t taxed like the rest of us by the US
government.  If God loves them so much why doesn’t he
get off his big fat ass and pay the bills for them so
they can eternally spread the word of God?  Why
doesn’t he get up and give them eternal life so they
can continue spreading God’s word forever?  Why
doesn’t he get up and kill all of us atheists and
those who like having our mind free from restriction
by others?  And when was the last time we saw a
miracle?  What about the apocalypse that was supposed
to occur last year but apparently never happened?
Christians will claim that God wouldn’t do any of this
because of his supreme knowledge and will.  How the
fuçk could you know your God’s will just by praying
and attending church?  Doesn’t you religion tell you
that if you found out the meaning of life and God’s
will your mind would collapse because you aren’t able
to control that awesome amount of mental power and
supreme intelligence?  Horseshit.
Closet disbelievers:  They occasionally ask questions
in their mind but never dare utter a word about such
blasphemy for fear of exclusion and persecution.
Sounds very holocaustic.  The Jews were afraid to
admit they were Jewish for fear of being persecuted so
they kept it to themselves to avoid being slaughtered
in front of their families.  Just read the true story
about the Einsatz Executions in Poland, you’ll get a
good feel for what it was like.  These scare tactics
obviously don’t work on atheists.  Why?  Because we,
unlike the majority of the world that is uneducated,
don’t believe everything we were told and tend to ask
questions about things.  Teachers in my high school
always tell me to ask questions about a concept if I
don’t understand it, and tell me that’s the only way
to get smarter.  Apparently that phrase can be applied
to more than just a simple math problem or history
exam.  Question everything and believe nothing beyond
a shadow of a doubt.  If Christians can prove to me
beyond a shadow of a doubt that every shred of horse
shit spewing from that butt hole on their face they
call a mouth is true, I will convert.  I challenge you
to try to break my will to be different and enjoy
thinking freely.  Spanish Inquisition anyone?  None
for me thanks.
Common Misconceptions of Atheists:  Listen up, because
this part I stress with extreme importance.  Atheists
are not demons, we are not the physical manifestation
of the antichrist or Satan, and we are definitely not
evil.  How many Atheists have you heard about
committing mass genocide, murder, or other such global
atrocities?  Don’t even for one second call us Nazis
because, believe it or not, Nazis are a hate group
that still did believe in God.  Proof exists.  Listen
to this phrase commonly chanted by nazis: “Kinder,
Kirche, Kueche.”, or “Children, Church, and Kitchen”.
Nazis used to award Iron Crosses for bravery.  An
inscription made on Nazi rings states “Gott mit uns”,
or God with us.  The Nazionalsocialisteurbeiterpartei
(National Socialist Workers Party), or Nazi’s for
short, was not an Atheistic Party.
“An ‘Atheist’ is not a ‘what.’ An ‘Atheist’ is a
person who has a lifestyle premised on the
weltanschauung of materialism. That is, we accept
‘objective reality’ in living our lives and we reject
any phantasmagoria of the imagination of theistic
fold. We live in the real world. Theistic folk live in
a world of make believe. To put it simply, an Atheist
says to you, ‘What you see is what you get....’ An
Atheist uses reason to solve human problems, to make
his way in life, to seek happiness, to live with the
human community. We eschew the irrational idea of
-American Atheists Definition of an Atheist-

“Your petitioners are Atheists and they define their
lifestyle as follows. An Atheist loves himself and his
fellow man instead of a god. An Atheist thinks that
heaven is something for which we should work for now -
here on earth- for all men together to enjoy. An
Atheist accepts that he can get no help through prayer
but that he must find in himself the inner conviction
and strength to meet life, to grapple with it, subdue
and enjoy it. An Atheist thinks that only in knowledge
of himself and a knowledge of his fellow man can he
find the understanding that will help to a life of

"Therefore, he seeks to know himself and his fellow
man rather than to 'know' a god. An Atheist knows that
a hospital should be built instead of a church. An
Atheist knows that a deed must be done instead of a
prayer said. An Atheist strives for involvement in
life and not escape into death.

“He wants disease conquered, poverty vanquished, war
eliminated. He wants man to understand and love man.
He wants an ethical way of life. He knows that we
cannot rely on a god nor channel action into prayer
nor hope for an end of troubles in a hereafter. He
knows that we are our brothers' keepers in that we
are, first, keepers of our lives; that we are
responsible persons, that the job is here and the time
is now.”
-Madalyn Murray O’Hair, 1961-

Christian Devotion:  Most Christians that I question
about their faith aren’t even able to recite their ten
commandments or defend their faith.  Why?  Because
they’re only taught a minimal amount, or they’re
taught but they just don’t care and therefore forget
it all.  It sounds to them that we’re insulting them
and they want to come up with something good as a
comeback but can only say things like “Shut up” or
“You’re so full of shit” or “You’re going to hell” or
“God will kill you soon”.  They’re obviously defending
their pride, because if their pride is broken then
they are broken.  Something that’s very relatable to
this occurred often back in the days of slavery in
America.  Slaves would bicker between each other about
whose master was better, they would lie and make
things up to make their masters and owners sound more
godlike.  They would argue for hours defending their
cruel masters with the same phrases just used over and
over again trying to make him look better.  Basically
their mentality is this: If my master looks bad then I
look worse.  Same thing with Christians: If my
religion is wrong, then I’m wrong for believing it and
I look like an idiot.  And I think that we all know
either from observation or personal experience and
insight just how much people hate being proved wrong
and will lie and fight to the death defending their
ideas and/or beliefs.  Essentially an inferiority and
dominance complex.  People are always competing and
striving with each other to be the best at everything
and are willing to give everything to prove that
they’re right or better or whatever the case may be.
It’s occurred for thousands of years and it one of the
most basic instincts: Survival of the fittest.  You
will have the greatest amount of respect from your
peers and you will have the self-pride to know that
you have beaten everyone else at even the stupidest
things.  Just look at a High school.  Many examples of
competition to be witnessed.  Females strive to look
better than everyone else in order to be able to say,
“I can get any man I wanted”, but rarely ever do.
Sports:  Pretty self-explanatory.  You strive to
receive the most recognition and praise for physical
and occasionally mental achievements on the playing
fields or whatever so you can say “I can beat anyone
at ‘blah blah blah’”.  This all goes back to my
original theory of the meaning of life: to reproduce.
Sexual dominance in the other animal kingdoms is
incredibly apparent.  Example:  Gorillas will fight
each other for the chance to mate with a female in
order to prove their dominance and authority.
Similarly with humans, (although most ignorant asshole
separatist humans wouldn’t ever dare to associate
themselves with “filthy, flea-ridden, beastly” animals
just because we have sprouted a brain, although some
still don’t even know how to use it) people will fight
for sexual dominance in order to show their authority
and ability to be the best at everything   Also
similar to the Oedipal complex that all people have.
The Oedipal complex states that boys will fight each
other and their fathers for the love of their mother.
They feel that the other is trying to detract
attention away from them and of course they want the
attention back because it makes them feel good inside.
“Freud theorized that there are three parts of the
mind: id, ego, and superego. Id is associated with the
immediate gratification of unconscious; natural needs
and does not take external reality into account. A
child may hit his brother out of anger whenever he
feels like it. Thus, people must go beyond id to learn
to be socially acceptable. This is where the ego comes
into play. Ego intervenes between instinctual needs
and external reality. For instance, a child's id might
want to hit his brother, but ego is willing to put it
off until after Mom and Dad are out of the room.
Superego is just a more developed ego. It is our
conscience--that part of us that knows right from
wrong. A child's superego would say that it is wrong
to hit the brother and stop the child from doing it.”

Good quick example and jump into the human
subconscious.  As you can see from the passage the Id
is the warehouse of all the most basic instincts and
animalism in each and every one of us. 

        Unfortunately Sigmund Freud decided this was a fault,
thus showing my point about people separating
themselves from the animals.  Who has created
pollution on this planet?  Who has brought upon the
mass genocide of species?  Who has been destroying
this planet since day one of their existence?  Fuçking
humans that’s who.  And what could be more of an
arrogant, idiotic, and insulting statement than the
fact that you want to separate from your roots just
because they act differently or you feel you’re better
than them.  It is insulting to those of us who still
have connections to the original world to hear people
talk about filthy animals and hunting and all the
carnage they cause without giving it a second thought.
 Just watch people going about their lives.  Sit in a
public area become relaxed and follow one person at a
time with your eyes.  Try to pierce into what they’re
thinking just by how they act, you’ll understand what
I’m talking about

        Another thing: since we’re all related to the animals
why is it that animals don’t display any need for
religion or desire to believe in one? Because they’re
fuçking smarter than that and know that they don’t
need it and its fuçking stupid that’s why.

        The single most destructive force on this planet is
what?  Take some time to think about this one.
Human-fuçking-beings.  People always consider
themselves as infallible and always right (see above
paragraphs), and can’t stand being proved wrong, so
they can never stop to look at the world and see what
has happened, admitting that there is a problem with
the world.  Even if they do most don’t stop and do
anything about it.  Only a select few are able to do
this successfully.  Brings me happiness to know I am
one of them.

        That’s what makes an Atheist an Atheist.  They stop
and look at the world for what it is and ask
themselves and others what they have done and what
they can do to change this world for the better.  We
separate ourselves from the typical planet killer
called man, as though we’re a different race, which we
essentially are.  We do things differently than other
people and because of this we are considered demons or
witches of evil and so on.  An Atheist is rarely able
to admit their wrong doings to themselves, unlike most
people who use self-deception in order to justify
their actions so they can feel better about
themselves.  Self-honesty is the only way to achieve
true enlightenment about oneself.  Simply, if you lie
to yourself how are you ever going to know who you
really are, you’ll only know what others want you to
be.  Never be afraid to say what you feel and mean to
both yourself and others even if others don’t really
want to hear it, you’re still doing your mind a huge
favor.  Never be afraid to show that you are afraid or
intimidated.  If you cover it up all the time how are
you going to be able to understand your fears and be
able to overcome them?

        My feeling is that the practice of spiritualism
instead of religion is far more preferable and better
for you.  If you base your ideas on those of other
people and keep repeating them through the grapevine
of time nothing much will ever get accomplished.  Mass
spiritualism is by far one of the biggest mistakes in
the history of mankind.  Personal spiritualism means
more to yourself and helps you get in touch with
yourself and become more enlightened.  Thus you will
be able to reduce stress in your life considerably and
be able to have a much more constructive attitude
towards the world.  In general intelligence rates in
humans will skyrocket and finally we’ll be able to
evolve as a civilization (an interesting side note:
why haven’t there been any discoveries of human
evolution for the past few thousand years?  Religion
bans the theory of evolution that’s why.  They don’t
want to admit that evolution happens which would
negate their entire faith system.).

        And thus I end this essay, for now at least.  More to
come soon, keep your eyes and mind open.  Peace out.

It too is sadly underworked because my home computer
isn't operating correctly, but I try to edit it as
often as possible at school here.


(Keep Atheist Pride Alive)

Lionel "The Sinister Minister" Moirez