From: Jeanne
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 20:44:21 EST
Subject: Re: [WEB-20021210.d3347b] Message to Darwin

In a message dated 12/25/02 1:29:38 AM, writes:

<< I've actually had people approach me in a bar and quote that "FuÁk You
Father" poem to me and shake my hand.  Sometimes I think that I should have
spent more than five minutes writing it. >>

Dear Darwin:

Miracles are wrought from true inspiration.  Don't question your innate
creative genius, just continue to "wow" us with your sublime vision, as all
radical yet benevolent and charismatic leaders are wont to do.  I can't help
myself; the photo of you in that tee just moves me to heights of ludicrousy,
uh, no, I mean lunacy or, um,  lucidity....?

Yup, that's me, lucid.  Well, I do have my moments.

In my neck of the woods in the small town of Snow Hill, on the bottom half of
the peninsula of the Eastern Shore of Maryland, people don't believe in
atheists.  Course, they only got electricity to everybody in the 1960s, and
our schools buy the curricula that the rest of the country discarded as
worthless a decade ago, and not all the roads are paved yet, but we got
religion, dad-gum-it! 

"Could be worse...could be raining."  Actually we have had a very wet fall
and early winter after a very, very hot and dry growing season.  In my town
we have a festival called "The Blessing of the Combines" in late July or
early August.  I keep telling them they should invite the Wiccans who really
know what they are doing in this area, but they stick with Protestants, not
even any Jews, for pity's sake, or Catholics...jeez, they bless the water
every year and pets, but they don't get invited either.  This may be the last
year that the town holds the event, because the tourists aren't responding as
well as they have been, but I think they are giving up because it DOESN'T
WORK!!!   GASP! 

Farmers here are going bankrupt, selling out, and the businesses which rely
upon agriculture are bellying up too.  We had a really bad year, but thanks
to my husband's magical ability to keep pulling rabbits out of his hat, we
will survive to farm another year.  Oh boy, if only a theme park would want
our land, or maybe low income housing.  Gee, would we sell...duh?

I bet if you look for it Snow Hill's Blessing of the Combines is on the web

Now you have something to occupy your time, heh, heh.

Have you read The Christ Conspiracy by Acharya S.?  Made me look at religious
debate in a whole new light.  I decided that there was no point in it. 

I am totally amazed that people still try to convince me that the bible is
the word of a god, that the myth is no myth at all but the truth.  It is as
if they tell me just one more time, then suddenly I will see the light, know
the truth, understand gawd's message for me, blah, blah...  If I just read
this passage (you know the one) it will all be clear to me, and I will be
saved and save my children and repent my stupidity.  Cheese and Rice!!!

It will never end, will it?

No, it will...when the Rapture comes, we will have the world to
Wouldn't that be great...but I guess the Muslims would still be trying to
kill me, since I am an evil American?  Maybe I could pass for Canadian, eh? 
Well, my ancestors were Huguenots, and my husband's family trace back to
Anjou, and may wear the fleur-de-lis.

Tres cool, n'est ce pas?

Enough nonsense, the dishes await!

An Atheist in Slow Hell, Maryland