Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 09:11:16 -0800 (PST)
From: Lionel Moirez 
Subject: SinMin's 2nd essay

Persecution of Atheists in Public Schools
By:  The Sinister Minister

        Public Display:  Recently I’ve had the unfortunate
experience of viewing a display in the library inside
of the public high school in my town.  On this were
numerous books depicting religious themes, and even an
open bible.  Personally to me this violates the first
constitutional amendment: “Freedom of religion”.  To
me this should be changed to freedom of and from
religion, but of course the federal government, being
primarily catholic/Christian, will never advocate to
the most oppressed minority in this country. The open
bible in the school represents an advertisement of
religion, and personally I don’t want to see it any
way shape or form.  The bible is violating my
disbelief in theism, and therefore not advocating to
my personal beliefs, which is negating my “freedom” in
this country, hence being an extreme violation and
attack on my disbelief system.
In addition to this attack on my freedom there have
been numerous verbal and physical threats to my
person, simply for believing in something other than
expected.  Threats against my person are a felony
according to the Constitution (no less the foundation
of this great country), and should be treated as such,
not a simply cafeteria horseplay.  I take my disbelief
very seriously due to these attacks on my person
whenever I “accidentally” utter a word about atheism
or talk to one of my fellow atheists about this
subject.  But apparently the original founding fathers
of this nation didn’t decide to advocate to anyone
other than those religious groups that came over on
the mayflower or still existed after the Constitution
was written.
Needless to say another group caught in a mass
genocide (soon after this vile document was penned by
the Founding Bigots) are the Native Americans.  They
were persecuted to the full extent of American
authority and ability.  They were tracked down, shot,
hung, murdered and so on.  The same sort of thing
would happen to Atheists at that time if we were as
abundant as Native Americans.  It seems as though the
first ten freedoms in the constitution, known as the
bill of rights, only apply to a select few:
Plutocrats, government fat cats, religious advocates,
and so forth.
The Theory of evolution first devised by the infamous
Mr. Darwin states constantly that the weak are always
swallowed up by the larger, and/or die off from their
own weakness.  Well I can tell you one thing, we are
far from weak: we comprise 11% of the US population
and 21% of the world population, making us the second
largest group of the “religious pool” in the world,
second to Christianity/Catholicism, and above Islam.

        Students:  They can seem to be friends, peers, and
even close buddies.  But you’d be surprised at how
easily they can turn on you, simply for who you are.
Certainly they can respect you for who you are.  I
guess not.  Simply if they overhear a brief
conversation about you being an atheist, they will
badger and question you, and continuously pummel you
until they’ve “proven their point” about the existence
of God, and how we’re “going to hell”, simply for not
agreeing with them.  It’s basically like they’re
sentencing us to death for all eternity without even
bothering to try to understand our position.
Balderdash (another word for “What a huge pile of
bullshit!!!!!!!!!).  They feel that we are out to
destroy all religion.  I assure you this is false in
maybe 90% of us.  Some are pushed too far by this type
of attack and assault on our disbelief, and will lose
their ability to control themselves, and then they
will give all Atheists a bad name, without even
knowing until its too late.  I can completely
understand their point of view.  How?  Because I too
was pushed to the edge and snapped one day, but
instead of exploding on everyone as the entire staff
of the school thought I would (and still think so to
this day), it was the complete opposite.  I became
clinically depressed and had to stay in the psych ward
of the hospital.  It’s about my 1-year anniversary of
this occurrence, and I am still nowhere near to being
        Anyways all this is trivial information about me (for
all the ladies out there; -).  These sorts of
outbursts are nothing more than a repressed cry for
help, held inside their minds with remorse, grief, and
segregation.  Eventually all this mental stress has to
be released somewhere, and believe me it’s absolutely
not good, let alone healthy when this happens.  The
pressure built in their minds from their “friends” and
peers will cause mental stress, which will lead to a
breakdown, and then to either an explosion or
implosion in the mind.  It’s the same thing with a
machine.  If it’s not properly maintained from time to
time, things will get out of control.  And sadly this
is all due to peer pressure, which could have been
avoided, had their friends been more understanding,
and compassionate, rather than angry and biased.

The Teachers:  They are required by state law to be
completely neutral according to religion, race,
nationality, sex, or age, and so on.  But recently in
my school numerous teachers have begun asking me
questions such as: “Where’s your faith now?” “How is
it possible for you not to believe in a god now?” and
the all time favorite: “It’s not possible to survive
without faith in a god these days.  You need faith in
your life, or else you would just die off, right?”
Now I thought they were supposed to stay absolutely
neutral when it came to the students’ personal beliefs
(and disbeliefs for that matter), obviously they
don’t.  The teachers are not allowed to bring their
own opinion into the matter.  The school is a place of
learning (on occasion, a rare occasion I might add:
-P) and preparation for college and the next chapter
in life.  If teachers are going to squabble with
students all day about why they disagree with us, the
nothing will get done. 
Say, for instance, a teacher walks in on a
conversation between two atheist students talking
about their disbelief before the class officially
begins.  The teacher asks: “What are you talking
about?  Of course there is a God.  If not how could we
have all come into existence?”  Then the students
reply with various statements regarding their
disbelief and they both squabble on and on and on.
Then the entire class gets curious and gradually the
extra chatter diminishes and the other students start
to listen in on the unnecessary argument and start
adding their own tune to it.  The argument stretches
on for about 5 minutes now.  The other students begin
to yell and criticize and tease, whereas the atheist
students barely have enough time to squeeze in a few
words of rebuttal, before they are (rudely)
interrupted by some other theistic moron. By now the
argument has taken between 10 and 20 minutes of class
time.   So what happens to the teacher and student
caught in an argument?  The teacher screams:
OK, well maybe not those exact words (depends on the
teacher).  But somewhere around the lines of: “Look
what you’ve done you’ve started a class wide unrest in
our school, disturbing the entire learning experience
for this period.  You’ve ruined this days lesson for
everyone, now how do you feel?”  Now those 2 atheist
students have been completely embarrassed in front of
their peers and will be subject to criticism during
the rest of the day by both the original students in
the class and the students’ friends that have caught
word of mouth about the argument.  The 2 students are
stuck trying to explain constantly about how this
argument could have been completely avoided had that
damned teacher minded his own business.  I would know
about this whole experience.  How?  Obviously it
happened to a friend of mine and me.

“Help” From The Guidance Counselors:  This whole
experience is just as similar as all the previous
ones.  The guidance counselors are in the school in
order to provide emotional support when and if needed,
and to work quickly to resolve any issues that a
particular student might have with the school.
Guidance counselors (or the thought police, as I refer
to them) are not paid to listen to a student’s
complaint and then add their own theistic judgment
about our disbelief system.  It is our decision, not
theirs, what we choose to believe and not believe in.
I personally like believing the truth and not in some
phony over advertised and publicized fairy tale about
some fruit pie in a dress bitching about “Oh I don’t
like how you treat us, and we’re not gonna take it, ok
sure you can crucify me, but my dad is gonna come down
here and fuçk you up the ass.”  But what does my
guidance counselor do?  He criticizes me and tells me
quote: “Our school is allowed to display any sort of
Christian, Jewish, or Muslim decorations we feel
necessary, because we are advocating to all the major
faith groups, as required by law.”  He forgot to
recognize the fact that even though there are very few
atheists in this school, we are still the largest
minority in the world (we are the 2nd largest group in
the “religion pool” (coughcesspoolcough) and yet we
are treated like the gum stuck to the bottom of Jane
Fonda’s walking shoe, as previously stated).

Administration:  As per usual, no help can be gained
(let alone expected) from the morons in the plush
comfy offices at the heart of this “en-bigoted”
institute.  They still question atheists’ moral
capabilities.  Basically they think that since we have
no faith in a god or “higher power” we are inclined to
be more criminal and notorious and mischievous.  This
is hardly the case, I assure you.  Just because we
don’t have anything to believe in, doesn’t mean we
don’t know the difference between right and wrong.
Christians and Jews have the Ten Commandments at their
side, constantly reminding them to be good, or you go
to hell and die continuously for all eternity.  The
Ten Commandments was just common sense thrown onto two
blocks of stone and raised/advertised for all to see.
People before our time were pretty naïve to common
knowledge automatically because they didn’t believe in
a God.  Oh of course, thanks for clearing that up for
me, now I feel so spiritually healed, can I go to
Heaven now?  Somebody convert me, quickly!
Anyways in continuation of the afore mentioned bigots
in their offices getting hand jobs from students they
threaten with expulsion.  They feel since we don’t
believe in a predetermined set of morals on rock (now
on paper), we obviously are going to start killing,
fuçking other peoples wives, stealing, bearing false
witness, and so on down the line.  Why?  Because
according to them we have already broken the first
commandment (notice its first, superiority complex?  I
think so: -P), we don’t believe in God, so therefore
since we blatantly acknowledge this and openly say so
on occasion, we automatically break the rest of the
commandments, or are about to. So in their minds we’re
already as bad as all the killers, rapists, and
thieves in prison.  Thanks for your support, assholes.
 Really, why do these people get paid to insult the
minorities of this school?  Because nobody else will
listen to us, and they feel they can get away clean,
without having to worry about a damned thing.  Tell
you what… You can take your Ten Commandments stick
each one of them up your ass sideways, ugly.

In closing, it seems we have no one to turn to but
each other inside of these biased, and ignorant walls.
 The only ones we can talk to for support are each
other (and occasionally in my case, to myself).  We
are alone in these walls and will remain so, unless
something is done to change that.  And no I’m not
saying to go Columbine.  That would be completely
unethical (supposing we even have ethics at all,
right?) and hypocritical.  So relax all you trigger
happy monkeys and just know that today we are trying
to build a better future, simply by writing essays,
listening to speakers, and keeping our minds and eyes
open.  This ends my essay writing for now, but I will
return with a brand spanking new essay about “How to
debunk atheist stereotypes: A guide to breaking the
common misperception of atheists,” or something along
those lines.  I’m still deciding between that and
finishing my damned website.

So until we meet again friends,
Keep Atheist Pride Alive!
Your friend in disbelief,
Lionel “The Sinister Minister” Moirez

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