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  Steven aka AwareOne


  Hey Darwin:
  I have to give you credit, very intersting site you have here.  I myself struggled with religious beliefs for years, and still do a bit. It is that brainwashed way that I was raised and brought up, surrounded by family and friends who all believed basically the same things... Though I found it disturbing when I was younger and found so many inconsistincies in the Bible, and no one could give me any satisfactory answers to my questions.  It was then I began my own search.
  I studied world religions, especially the Bible so as to compare and contrast.  I looked up the original Greek and Hebrew to words like Hell.  I studied the context of what Jesus said, and compared it to what was actually being taught and believed in the many many churches I attended. I study history and took into account common sense, science, and even instinct.
  I then found and read a book by Robert Monroe, who started the Monroe Institute in West Virginia.  He wrote of spontaneous out-of-body experiences he began having, and eventually learned how to control.  After such a time, he learned, wrote, and was even studied at the University of Kentucky and other institutions of higher learning to prove or in their case, disprove he was actually able to leave his body at will and see, hear, feel, and smell things in another place.  He passed all of their tests.
  This led me to eventually discover Remote Reviewing.  RVing is the ability to view a person, place or thing at any given point in time, past, present of future.  I have watched and studied this off and on for the last ten years to see what would become of it.  To my surprise, I have found it to be quite real.  Just the other day, I was talking to a girl I know who lives 300 miles away, and while talking on the phone, she siad, "Oh no!" to which I asked her, what was wrong.  She told me she lost an earring that her brother had bought her years ago and never took them out.  She had no idea how long it had been gone.  Immediately, I saw in my mind exactly where it was.  I told her to go into her den, look on the floor in between her couch and chair, in front of the end table she has there.  She did, and after moving a pair of shoes that were there, she found the earring. (and yes, she was a bit freaked out)
  There is definately a higher energy and purpose for life and all that exists.  And, we all have the ability to tap into it.  However, it is so very unfortunate that religion has twisted this spirituality that really is part of us all.  As you say on your pages, I am most certainly one of the thinkers.  I do not simple accept things told to me without first exploring and verifying to the best of my ability.
  So, with that being said, I would ask you to do the same.  Check out some info on Remote Viewing.  There are several sites you can goto, but beware that at first, it is not easy to understand what all they are talking about.  Also, check out Robert Monroe's books, Journeys, Far Journey's and another one I cannot recall at the moment.
  Here are the sites: