From: "Gregory" 
To: <>
Subject: Just read your website
Date: Thu, 1 Aug 2002 17:07:51 -0400

Actually I was looking for a job when you web page popped up, so I decided to write a letter on my own belief of Jesus.
First some background about my beliefs.  I was brought up Roman Catholic, although my belief goes beyond any established religion.  Personally I feel that most religions just capitalize off of peoples fears.  However the teachings of Jesus, most of which predate him, I can agree with.
One line that caught me was that a lot of people said that Jesus was God.  I don't believe this is true.  Jesus was a Jew and one thing that the Jews had was a concept of a single God that loved and protected them.  My interpretation of "Jesus son of God" is that Jesus pushed the idea that God did not only represent the Jews; but all people.  I'm sure this pissed a lot of people, and it was probably part to blame for his being crucified.
The Bible for me can be interesting reading, except the book of numbers when it starts to ramble of the genealogy.   The problem with the bible is that it is cluttered with a lot of commentary and exaggerated imagery.  I mean what do you expect from a bunch of writers.  There is a biblical story about a Rabbi and a student, no this is not leading into a bad joke.  The student asks the Rabbi to explain the bible and the replies back that the bible can be condensed into one phrase "Respect one another" and everything else is commentary.  It's sad but people need Hype.  A simple belief of "Respect one another" is not enough.  People need stories that are bigger than life to keep them interested.  All the miracles that Jesus reportedly did are really not important.  They are just stories that help to make Jesus bigger than life.  What is important is the message he was teaching and that was "Respect One Another". 
"Respect One Another" sounds pretty whimpy; but I don't see it that way at all and infact Jesus had a lot of guts to stand up and oppose authority with his radical thoughts
If your still reading, and excuse the scattered thoughts here and no proof reading like I said I was searching the web for work,  I'll leave you with three quotes that I try to live by.
"Respect One Another"
"Your Rights end where mine begin"
I'll have to explain this one.  So many people think that I want to take there rights away when I mention it.  What I'm saying here is that.  I believe that we all have equal rights ( I know this is not a reality; but I'm will to fight for it).  Now "Your Rights end where mine begin" means that if you decide to take my rights away then as far as I am concerned you have lost your rights.  It's a defensive saying; but it's needed and can be avoided by my first quote "Respect one another".
My last quote is from CBC's radio show "Dead Dog Cafe"
"Stay calm....
Be brave.....
and wait for the signs..."
I like this one because it's a good way of thinking in a difficult time.  Basically what I get from it is that Don't loose your head and imprevise in difficult situations.
I know I said three; but I have one last quote that I like.
"Everyone ones existance is an act of bravery"
I just like it.  It's an equalizer.
Well that is all I have to say and now I'm back to my job search.
Have a good one.
P.s  I do believe in a God.  However my interpretation would not satisfy many people just read more of your website.  Tried to email you at********** but no response.  I also read more of the webpage and noticed all the profanity and extremist attitude you expressed.  Now that is what I was saying in the above letter I wrote.  Your webpage wouldn't catch to much attention if you simply said "I don't believe in God" ;but once you throuw in some colorful commentary people take notice.