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Everything said in the context of God being real is mere nonsense.  Need I say anything more?

Darwin Bedford

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I was looking for a statistics site and your came up along with the plate.
Perhaps you haven't heard all of the things that happenned prior to sept 11 but here are a few, a guy cancelled all his appointments and gathered all the people he worked with and for 2 weeks prior to the attack they stood outside thr towers telling people how to get to heaven in the event of death. Also a group of church leaders moved their meeting to another location just prior, and a man who was in the tower burried with rubble was helped by God to break thru a wall and make it down the stairs before the building collapsed.
We all have free will to do good or bad and God doesn't take that choice away but he does take action. I have no doubt that you have no reason to believe that God exists or cares but that doesn't mean he doesn't; it just means that you are using your free will choice to ignore him. He takes care of those who trust in him, so if you aren't trusting in him then don't complain that he isn't taking care of you. If you blame him for the bad then you acknowledge that he has some influence in your life and therefore you then should likewise thank him for the good.
I found this list of things also: Tony Walton
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